Welcome to Kimono de Jack Sweden,
part of the Kimono de Jack movement,
founded 2009 in Japan, when Mihiro Akagi
wanted to create more opportunities
for kimono enthusiasts to wear kimono!

During the years, more national KDJ popped up,
but also internationally, and now in Sweden 🙂

Because here you will find entries from..
KDJ Stockholm and KDJ Umeå!
..that you of course also can follow on Facebook.

If you simply want one place to read about all KDJ activites on the Swedish KDJ front,
then like and follow KDJ Sweden on Facebook!
Read more here about how it started..
Artikel i Japan Times

This site is under construction but is primarily meant
to host information about kimonos in Swedish
[but this is the English version of the site 🙂
original Swedish version is kimonodejack.se]
and eventually also filled with more kimono related
blog entries, and hopefully more meetup events!


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Yoko Fukuda Persson

    I am a kimono enthusiast living in Strängnäs, a historical town 86 kim away from Stockholm.
    I wish to hold a kimono picknick or a KDJ in Stockholm in 2015. Me and a few friends are interested in.
    At presant, a gathering at the East Asia Museum in any day in Spring or Summer is in my mind.

    It would be so helpful to have some tips from you to make the project go on.
    Please drop me a mail at your convenient!

    I am running a kimono shop on Etsy.com with a shop neme HANSandYOKO

    Also have a FB page with Hans & Yoko – The Kimono Boutique

    Or You can reach me at Twitter, YOKO Persson

    Best wishes,

    1. kdjswe Post author

      Hej Yoko! Sorry for not keeping track of comments as often as I should.
      But we’ve sorted things out now, either way 😀


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