First meetup @ Umeå Kulturnatta 2014

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My apologies for the delayed summary of the very first Kimono de Jack Sweden, that took place during Umeå Kulturnatta, on Saturday the 24th if May, 2014!
I also missed Gofuku No Hi, International Kimono day, but I will try and write some about that soon 🙂

Anyhow, not too unexpectedly, it was only me that participated and in kimono. But one can in a way say that since I at 12:30 met up with another Eva at the
Swedish Bonsai Association’s table at Kulturnatta, they were also part of it 😉
We of course talked about kimono and bonsai 😀

2014-05-24-PICT0145 2014-05-24-PICT0165

The arrangers for Kulturnatta wrote that their 10 year contract has expired, but one does hope there will be more Kulturnatta! Lessons learnt for these (or other meetups when it’s warm and sunny).. that sunblock takes longer time to dry than one expects (yes, I mostly get red and itchy of the sun) and that I ought to try and make some kind of businesscard or informal brochure with the website addy to hand out.

I was however asked if it was ok that someone photographed me and added the pic on their blog, but I of course forgot to ask about the address. On the other hand, I did remember to ask them to link to so I better add more content here 😉

2014-05-24-PICT0192 2014-05-24-PICT0337

With high hopes of having a kimono dressed friend, eventually, on a future meetup 🙂


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